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Hey, it’s Kim. How’s it going ?

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been keeping this blog going for about 10 years now. I started it when my kids were teens and just kept it going.
I live in Granada Hills, California. I’ve lived in California my entire life.

I own a flower shop called Old Granada Hills. (Thus the domain name.) Admittedly however not as cute as the one above. I’ve had this flower shop for 25 years  Started it when my kids were young have just kept it going.
It has seen me through a lot of changes and ups and downs.
Saw me through when my youngest gashed her leg in a wicked soccer match, got hospitalized, got an infection, almost had to get the leg amputated, and ended up staying in the hospital for the next year.

Saw me through when my other child decided she wanted to do competitive hockey and life as we knew it ceased to exist. I became a hockey mom that happened to have a full-time business on the side.

What a zoo that was, but amazing. I saw that kid blossom in a way that I never expected. She took the world by storm and is still playing hockey today. She has eased out of the competitive side and she now just does it for fun.

This flower shop saw me through when my husband and I split.
Rocky, rocky years, those were. I’m grateful to be past them. I’m also grateful that I had this flower shop to give me something creative to do at that time.

Between the flower shop and my friends, I survived that split and came out stronger.
A few years ago my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. That has taken us on an adventure that I never anticipated. The flower shop and my work there and the flowers and my clients have all been what has seen me through these last few years with mom’s illness.

It’s been great to have a stable business, a lot of repeat customers that now just seem like family and a place that I love to be in.
This blog is some about the flower shop but mostly just about life stuff. The purpose of it is so that visitors to my website, including current clients, can get to know me. I think it helps to know that the owner/operator of a business you’re considering patronizing is a human being.

When I’m looking for a business, I’ll check out their website, and I will always look at the team and leadership bios.
And then I’ll go to the blog and read that. I look for articles that reveal stuff to me about the staff.
I would like to select a business that has real, warm, funny, genuine worker bees and leaders. If I can get a sense of that through their posted bios and their blog, it really gives that business a leg up over their competitors.

Their competitors may do the job just as well, but if I can’t get a read on their vibe, I’ll go with the business that puts it out there without apology.
So, that’s what I’m trying to do with my blog, too.