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I had a scleral treatment done today.

Okay, I’m just gonna warn you. If you’re grossed out reading stuff about medical procedures and spider veins and stuff like that, you just might want to skip this article. lol
So I’ve inherited from my mother and probably her mother before that the lovely condition of spider veins. On my legs.
No, they’re not varicose veins, they are just these little tiny veins that look like someone has taken a ballpoint pen and drawn a map all over you.
I was talking about these veins with a friend a few years ago. He told me that he had gone to vascular center and gotten a vein issue of his own taken care of there. So I went there to have the treatment done for mine.

It cost about 300 bucks I think or maybe 350. I went into a little room, lay down on an exam table type thing, and spent the next half hour or hour getting pricked about a thousand times with a needle that was injecting a saline solution into the veins.
I walked out of there feeling like a pin cushion. But within about eight or 12 weeks, the saline had done its work and the veins all disappeared.
It really made me feel like a new person.

The veins on my legs had always bothered me, my whole life. I never liked wearing shorts or swimsuits because I was embarrassed about the veins.
Getting a treatment done pretty much gave me a new lease on life. Well, that might be a little dramatic, but at least, it made me much more comfortable in my own skin.
The person that did the procedure told me that I was prone to spider veins and so I should expect them to come back and that I would need to do additional treatments in the future if I wanted to keep them at bay.

So today I went and had another treatment done. It’s been, what did I say, three or four years, since I had the last one done. For the most part my legs have stayed looking pretty good regarding the veins. But there are a few places where they had come back.
So I got that taken care of today. Went to a vein center about an hour away, handed over my money and was taken into a little room where I got the whole thing done again.
The second time around was less stressful than the first because I knew what was happening. This time, before I left, they wrapped my legs completely in compression bandages.

I felt like a mummy walking out of there.
The aftercare routine is easy. I shouldn’t tan or expose my skin to the sun for about 12 weeks. And that’s about it.
I’m glad to have that done and checked off my list.

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